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Teaser Trailer Demián Rugna's Wildly Original Nightmare WHEN EVIL LURKS In Theaters 10/27

Film festival season continues with the highly anticipated Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) kicking off next weekend. While there's a plethora of films to choose from, many eagerly await the midnight selection, and one film generating immense excitement is "WHEN EVIL LURKS," the latest creation from Argentine horror maestro, Demian Rugna. IFC Midnight has already secured its release for October, and the new trailer is now available for your viewing pleasure. Keep an eye out for more updates on "WHEN EVIL LURKS" and other selections from TIFF!

In "WHEN EVIL LURKS," directed and written by Demian Rugna, the story unfolds as brothers Pedro (Ezequiel Rodríguez) and Jimmy (Demián Salomón) stumble upon a nearby farmhouse infested with a demonic infection, which has begun to contaminate the local livestock. In an attempt to expel the malevolent force from their land, they unwittingly set off a wave of possessions throughout their rural community due to their failure to follow proper exorcism rituals. Now, they must race against time to escape the encroaching evil, as it corrupts and mutilates anyone it touches, enlisting the help of a seasoned "cleaner" who possesses the only tools capable of halting this supernatural plague.

"WHEN EVIL LURKS" offers a refreshingly original perspective on the possession genre and promises to be a spine-chilling supernatural thriller from the Argentine master of horror, writer-director Demián Rugna, known for his work on "Terrified."

Film Details:

- Director: Demián Rugna

- Screenwriter: Demián Rugna

- Starring: Ezequiel Rodríguez, Demián Salomón, Silvina Sabater, Virginia Garofalo, Paula Rubinsztein, Luis Dziembrowski

Don't miss the world premiere of "WHEN EVIL LURKS" in Midnight Madness at TIFF on September 13th.


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