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THE SECRET KINGDOM - Theaters June 9 | VOD June 9

Prepare to embark on an extraordinary adventure as "The Secret Kingdom" unfolds its captivating story. Directed and written by the visionary filmmaker Matt Drummond, this enchanting tale will transport audiences into a realm of magic and wonder. On June 9, the film will be released in theaters and through Video-On-Demand, offering viewers an opportunity to experience its mesmerizing world.

"The Secret Kingdom" follows the journey of siblings Peter and Verity, who stumble upon a hidden land beneath their own bedroom floor. Little do they know that this magical kingdom faces a grave threat from an ancient enemy, the malevolent Shroud. Tasked with safeguarding the Kingdom, Peter and Verity must embark on a quest to unite five mystical treasures, putting their bravery to the ultimate test.

This thrilling and unforgettable fantasy adventure is a treat for the whole family. Witness Peter and Verity confront epic challenges that will push their courage to the limits. The film's breathtaking visuals and compelling performances will transport you into a world where imagination knows no bounds.

Don't miss the opportunity to be captivated by "The Secret Kingdom" when it hits theaters on June 9. Additionally, mark your calendars for the Video-On-Demand release on the same day. Unlock the secrets of this extraordinary fantasy world and discover the power that lies within its enchanting story.

THE SECRET KINGDOM - Theaters June 9 | VOD June 9

Directed by Matt Drummond

Written by Matt Drummond

Starring Sam Everingham, Alyla Browne, Alice Parkinson, Chris Gabardi, Darius Williams, Beth Champion


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