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TIME TO KILL Now Available on demand!

Tobe Hooper has created a school, and David C. Ruíz, Albert València are his faithful students. Time to Kill is a ferocious slaher that will take your breath away. A group of friends on their way to a rock festival pick up two hitchhiking girls going to the same event, but their trip is ruined due to an unexpected car breakdown. Now, this group of travelers find themselves in the creepy and dilapidated shanty town of Sant Martí, and all hell is about to break loose.

"This is a genre film with all of the law. It goes from terror to horror hand in hand with an almost indecent humor. We believe that it is a feature film that aims to captivate and amuse anyone who likes this type of proposal", their directors said.

"TIME TO KILL" is now available on all major streaming and cable platforms in North America and UK/Ireland.

Directed: David C. Ruiz, Albert València

Cast: Olga Bernardo, David Estany, Raül Tortosa, Paco Moreno, José García Ruiz, Guillem Fernàndez-Valls, Anna Ferran


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