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"White lies in future times" 'Guidance' - movie review

In the not too distant future we will see an evolution of technology like none before. The question remains when does technology go too far? In the new film from Neysan Sobhani GUIDANCE we find a small app that allows people to tell when others are lying. This is a terrifying premise to consider as the ties that bond can easy be broken by revealing truths. In the story we find a young couple fighting with trust issues and use this new app to reveal the strength of their relationship. One sinister secret can ruin it all so is it worth it? Only digesting this new technology will tell.

GUIDANCE is a broken sci fi love story. Trust between our two central characters is key as we witness flashbacks of uncertainty. Like any relationship there will be ups and downs, but remaining aware and present is what keeps things together. GUIDANCE plays out like any romantic thriller with the impending question of "when will they take the pill?" Once the film dives into what happens post participation is where we get to see the sleek sci fi journey of Sobhani. The viewer is drawn into the world of one of our central figures Sun Jia. Her actions provide an intensity that helps the lull mood of the film. Her story delivers just enough depth to bring out the best that Guidance has to offer. While the app is the main focal point, it's the interactions of the human that makes the app successful. The goal of this app is to be flawless but when humans are involved it caters more to the ego than the premise.

This film rounds out very sneaky and the future enhanced civilization plays a key role. GUIDANCE was a tad bit long for what was being presented but the second half of the film was worth it. This film may move to slow for some viewers but the ones with patience will get it. Karma, lies and deception all exist in the same realms and GUIDANCE spares no favors for those not willing to concede. This film is a reminder that you can never deceive your true self.

3.0/ 5

GUIDANCE is available now!

Its is directed by Neysan Sobhani and stars Sun Jia (Han Miao), Harry Song (Mai Zi Xuan) and Francesco Chen (Su Jie).

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