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Dust pollution

One example is the different climate in the well-known holiday paradise of the Maldives. The group of islands stretches about 750 km in a north-south direction in the Indian Ocean - pay someone to do my homework . On the southern islands you almost always have the best weather with blue skies and sunshine. The northern Maldives, however, are only a good 400 km from the southern tip of India. Satellite images show that large cloud formations emanate from the industrial areas there, causing the weather on the northern islands to be much cooler and rainier than on the southern ones. The main cause of this is dust emissions from the industrial plants, which are inadequately equipped with modern filter technology.

The localised cooling caused by large dust and aerosol clouds even partially counteracts the greenhouse effect caused by the carbon dioxide produced during combustion.

Development of fine dust pollution and countermeasures

Particulate matter has always existed on Earth due to its many natural sources. However, human activities have increased the emission of particulate matter - urgent essay writing service . However, the problem was much more acute in earlier times than it is today. In the 1960s, for example, about 3 million tonnes were emitted annually in Germany as a whole, whereas in 2004 the figure was only 200,000 tonnes. This enormous decrease in pollution is mainly due to the modernisation of industrial and domestic combustion plants and the shutdown of industrial production in the former GDR.

The overestimation of the fine dust problem - chemistry solver - in the media is due to the fact that EU Directive 1999/30/EC has been in force since the beginning of 2005. This stipulates that cities must take countermeasures if a limit value of 50 µg of particulate matter per m3 of air is exceeded on more than 35 days a year. This will probably be the case in almost all major German cities.

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