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May 07, 2022
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1.Minimalism Wedding Dress Minimalist lines often best reflect the characteristics of the wearer. How to use simple lines to emphasize their own advantages is a great knowledge of minimalism. Exquisite tailoring and high-grade fabrics are the outstanding features of minimalism. It can very well reflect the grade and quality of wedding dress and make the bride stand out from the crowd. Suitable for girls with strong sense of independence. 2.Romantic Wedding Dress When it comes to marriage, everyone will immediately think of the word "Romance". How to create a natural and romantic style on the wedding dress? Hollowed out lace, transparent folds decorated with small broken flowers, multi-level loose skirt, drag long veil... Are the perfect embodiment of romantic wedding dress. Suitable for girls with strong humanistic atmosphere. 3.Gorgeous Wedding Dress It is undeniable that gorgeous style will always brighten people's eyes, but it also shows nobility in addition to being gorgeous, so paying attention to collocation is the basic principle of gorgeous style. With complicated hand sewing and exquisite hand embroidery, this French palace wedding dress can show the gorgeous atmosphere of the bride's rich family. 4.Elegant Wedding Dress This is the most common bridal dress. As long as it is properly dressed, no matter how simple the raw materials can present the bride's most perfect state. If you hold an outdoor wedding, you can choose a short veils, which can be as long as the waist. If you attend the wedding in church, you can choose the appropriate veils according to the tail length of the wedding dress.The simple wedding veil is generally multi-layer Tulle overlay, long veil, lace and applique will be added at the tail. Learn more about


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