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Think of this as an editorial more than a review. Guy Ritchie is too huge for a website this small to write anything provocative about his filmmaking that you haven't heard before. Still he is hands down one of the last authentic mainstream genre directors in the game so I feel it befitting to give his new films some love.

OPERATION FORTUNE: RUSE DE GUERRE is the latest film from Guy Ritchie. It stars Jason Statham and Aubrey Plaza as two special agents with the assignment from hell. Them along with ever charismatic Cary Elwes and stout yet endearing music artist Bugzy Malone. The collective forms an uproarious arrangements of personalities you can only find in Ritchie films. Every single piece of his formula is present from the start of the film.

Have every reason to hate this film if you want! It will just entertain you. Isn't that terrible? How dare a film do that? I almost thought of doing a similar editorial on COCAINE BEAR last week but I just can't. I don't want anything to do with that bear but if you need to search for any meaning between that film and your life that's between you and Jesus.

Look my point here is we need to applaud the filmmakers who don't care about the current environment. How do you think their films transcends generations? Sure you can make tons of money with a film that's hot for one summer. Though what about the films we want to watch every summer? They live on forever right? Ritche has a catalog of them and I feel like OPERATION will slide in just fine. For a guy who pushed his style from indie to the mainstream in years it seems as if his signature style will live on. That is fine by me. What would he conform to? I've always been a fan of his sweaty tales from the British island. I never cared that he married Madonna and I always thought it was cool to guess what celebrities would show up in his films. I really feel for filmmakers at this time and It was really rejuvenating to see a signature style gracing your eyes for 2 hours.

Films from creators like Guy Ritchie are like paintings touring a gallery circuit. You know his art and you are familiar with the style. It's been 2 years since his last feature but the man has been busy. With so much on the horizon it looks as if we have another decade of Ritchie to look forward to. I seriously don't think the style will change too much but maybe the subject matter will. He has toyed with fantasy for a larger paycheck. Guy's next foray back into war zones could be that film that drives him back ups the charts for a blockbuster. Respect the process. Respect the process. goodnight -Travis

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