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"A repelled visit home" 'Death Knot' - movie review

Family and village secrets come to life in the supernatural haymaker from Cornelio Sunny DEATH KNOT. Sunny also writes and stars in the film. This Indonesian thriller is filled with throwback asian scare tactics and an all too familiar tale of one families misery and woe. DEATH KNOT will remind viewers of early 2000's asian horror with a great blend of legend and frights.

The film involves two siblings returning home to bury their mother. When you arrive in a town that looks like a cursed village expect not to be welcomed. Especially if the whole town thinks you are the reason for the curse. A botched and uninspired burial soon turns into a mystery on the death of their mothers and the memories from their past that stay repressed. DEATH KNOT unleashes traditional moments that keep you wondering who may fall victim to the evil of the village next.

DEATH KNOT has great pace for a supernatural thriller. There is little time between the creation of the story and the chaos which works very well. Sunny's atmosphere is felt throughout the film and reaches highs and lows that provide great visuals. Regardless of darkness or light you are drawn into the mystic and steam world DEATH KNOT provides.

The only thing that hurts the film has to do with the character effects so we won't say anymore as it could deter audiences from seeing the film. It's worth a view in my opinion for fans of classic asian horror. Somehow the Indonesians have a knack for intense yet clean kills. DEATH KNOT makes sure you believe in what is being shown on screen. That attention to detail helps make DEATH KNOT an enjoyable watch from start to finish.


DEATH KNOT is directed by Cornelio Sunny and stars Widika Sidmore and Morgan Oey.

DEATHKNOT debuts on Digital, Blu-ray™ and DVD January 17 courtesy of Well Go USA.

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