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"All fuzzy things are not created equal" 'Save Yourselves' - movie review

When we think of the terms cute and cuddly, until Critters or say CR7 (know your foreign films people!),those terms normally don't include aliens. What ends up being the case with these adorable deviants is underneath the surface there is a vile creature ready to inflict harm. While the little poof ball creatures in  Alex H. Fischer & Eleanor Wilson SAVE YOURSELVES don't seem vile, we find out very fast that they are quite deadly.

Honestly, I really tried hard to enjoy SAVE YOURSELVES but there was too much that I didn't like about our leads. Now granted the writing style could have lead to their consistent and unbearable interactions but that doesn't make it any better. Sunita Mani and John Reynolds seem more than capable of holding their own when they are on the screen. The film has multiple moments that were hilarious (all the parts when John wakes up in his sleep) , but are quickly followed by the overall tone of the film. They are boring people who really don't get along!

There was so much potential to hit home with this film. During the pandemic many people have put their phones aside as now they realize how reliant they are on them. So it makes sense to see a young couple struggle to find themselves without their constant distractions. We understood that well into the film and SAVE YOURSELVES did nothing to deter us from it. Possibly fans of reality shows will enjoy this as the constant bickering between Su and John feels familiar. One thing we don't get enough of is the ALIENS!!! After the film concluded I was still like flabbergasted on what the hell these things are and what do they want. We know they kill, we know they fart. Everything else is lead to speculation with an ending that may be fun but falls short on wrapping up the story.

SAVE YOURSELVES has the look and feel of a great comedic sci fi horror but like the millennials in the film it just falls flat. More interactions with the aliens and maybe a few more cast members (would have love to see a glimpse of what the mom was going through on the phone calls) and this film could have been a tad more solid. Not a bad distraction but there is so much more that could be had.


SAVE YOURSELVES is Written & Directed by Alex H. Fischer & Eleanor Wilson

Starring Sunita Mani, John Reynolds, Ben Sinclair, John Early, Jo Firestone,

Gary Richardson, Johanna Day, Zenobia Shroff, Amy Sedaris.

It is available now on demand courtesy of BLEECKER STREET

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