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'All queens are not created equal' "Death Drop Gorgeous" - movie review

In the LGBTQ community Horror seems to have found a place at home. For the last 7 to 10 years we’ve seen countless numbers of films involving transgender, cross-dresser, sissy communities but usually it’s primarily violence done against them by some hate group or some obscure supernatural force. In the collaborative effort by directors Michael J. Ahern, Christopher Dalpe, Brandon Perras-Sanchez comes the film DEATH DROP GORGEOUS. What is being labeled as an ode to John Waters films is a gore filled slasher that’s putting all queens on notice.

DEATH DROP GORGEOUS is all f**ked up in so many different ways. You have about 3 to 4 different main characters to follow in the story but you’re really honed in on an old drag queen and a bartender who is returning back to his former place of employment. While everyone’s on opposite paths they all collide in chaos, torture and murder. Believe me I really wanted to like every single moment of DEATH DROP GORGEOUS because I could tell that they went out and hand selected some of the all-time great‘s from various cities to represent this film and you got to give the filmmakers, writers and everyone involved credit for putting this cast together. Still this film was all over the place and when you finally get to the juicy ending not only are you blindsided but you’re also taking back as it just does not seem like the film you’re watching from the beginning.

Here’s what I love though, DEATH DROP GORGEOUS is gory super bloody, hella gross, and Hella fabulous and every single sense of the word so if you don’t have a fun time a whole many moments watching this film you might want to check your heart rate to see if you’re alive.

So while there’s definitely an audience for death drop gorgeous and I know the audience will find the film. I’m sure they also will appreciate the fun violence they find in the film but would also want a little bit more substance to lead to what is going on in the actual story.


DEATH DROP GORGEOUS directors Michael J. Ahern, Christopher Dalpe, Brandon Perras-Sanchez, and a superlative cast headed by Wayne Gonsalves, Payton St. James, Brandon Perras-Sanchez, and Christopher Dalpe. DEATH DROP GORGEOUS is released on Digital by Dark Star Pictures September 10.

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