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'All's fare in death and sacrifice' "The Toll" - movie review

Classic themed folklore comes to life in the new feature from Michael Nader and Saban Films THE TOLL. CANDYMAN meets BLAIRWITCH in this spooky little offering about an uber driver and passenger coming across a sinister foe. While there are enough scares to keep the heart racing THE TOLL is a thin but productive supernatural film that should receive a decent reaction to audiences not in the mood for gore.

Scaring people is the name of the game and THE TOLL finds a way to do that bunches in a very short time. The film follows Cami (Jordan Hayes) coming in late from a delayed flight, gets a driver Spencer (Max Topplin) who picks her up and the vibe goes from zero to serial killer real quick. While the two are trying to figure each other out in the very awkward ride a sudden turn lands them in an area that you won't find on any map, it's the land of THE TOLL man. Why didn't they call this film THE TOLLMAN? Because people would have instantly dismissed it? Maybe but even the filmmakers must admit we know what to expect with a back of the roads legend so let's bring on the blood.

Unfortunately one of the things lacking in the film is violence but that is never a bad thing. THE TOLL is more about the world of deceit that you are drawn into when you are are in his grasp. THE TOLL is a solid offering to the supernatural genre and should find it's own little cult following that could keep the legend living on for some time.


THE TOLL is Writer/Director: Michael Nader and stars Jordan Hayes, Max Topplin, James McGowan and Rosemary Dunsmore.

It is being released In Theaters, On Demand and Digital on March 26, 2021

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