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"Arm breaking" clip from "The Last Video Store"

Get ready to rewind the clock and dive into a nostalgia-filled world of comedy and horror because a Canadian retro VHS homage slasher is about to make its world premiere right here in Austin! We're talking about The Last Video Store, a film from the creative minds of Cody Kennedy & Tim Rutherford that's set to take Fantastic Fest by storm.

As one of the most eagerly anticipated films of this year's festival, we can hardly contain our excitement. And what better way to share the anticipation with you than by offering a sneak peek? We're thrilled to present a brand-new clip from The Last Video Store, giving you a taste of the laughs and chills that await.

In this hilariously horrifying tale, a possessed VHS tape holds the key to unleashing some of the deadliest creatures ever captured on film. When you press play, be prepared for a rollercoaster ride through a world where horror meets comedy in the most unexpected and entertaining ways.

Keep your eyes peeled for our review, which will drop right after the world premiere, as we dive deeper into this unique cinematic experience. Until then, enjoy this exclusive clip and get ready to laugh, scream, and relive the glory days of VHS with The Last Video Store.

Fantastic Fest 2023 is about to kick off with a bang, and this film promises to be a standout among the festival's offerings. Stay tuned for more updates, and prepare to be transported to a world where VHS tapes hold more than just memories.

In this love letter to the era of the video store, we follow Nyla who accidentally uncovers a ‘cursed’ VHS tape. A film holds the power to connect the real world to a dimension where movie fantasy exists as reality. Nyla and the video store owner unwittingly awaken a long-dormant curse that unleashes a series of classic cinematic villains plucked from the bowels of the B-movies themselves.

Fantastic Fest Clip:

Directed by: Cody Kennedy & Tim Rutherford

Written by: Joshua Roach & Tim Rutherford

Produced by: Greg Jeffs & Laurence Gendron

Executive Produced by: Michael Baker, Brendan McNeill, Ari Taub, Patrick White, Mike Chapman, Simon Crowe

Starring: Kevin Martin, Yaayaa Adams, Matthew Kennedy, Joshua Lenner, Leland Tilden

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Masker Yulia
Masker Yulia
Sep 22, 2023

Don't forget to check back soon after the world premiere for our in-depth analysis of this one-of-a-kind film. amanda the adventurer

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