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"As We Know It" - movie review

Making a zombie movie in this day and age takes some real guts – both figuratively and literally. With the genre saturated by countless undead tales, finding something refreshing and original can be a daunting task. In 2023, the horror genre saw a few outliers attempting to infuse reality with the supernatural, but the results were far from favorable. So, why not return to the good old days with a nostalgic zombie romp? That's exactly what Josh Monkarsh does with "As We Know It," taking us back to the beloved 90s.

"At We Know It" is a clever and delightful take on the zombie genre. These aren't typically the words you'd associate with a zombie movie, so let's delve into it.

The story follows James (Mike Castle), a struggling writer so deep in writer's block that he's oblivious to the zombie outbreak unfolding around him. His best friend, Bruce (played by the hilarious Oliver Cooper), and his ex-girlfriend, Emily (Taylor Blackwell), come to his rescue, unwittingly getting themselves trapped in the chaos. From there, "As We Know It" transforms into a classic buddy romance comedy, with a surprising affection for Kevin Costner of all people!

The film's pacing is a bit inconsistent, with plenty of humorous moments, but a three-person comedy has its limitations. A bit more interaction with the outside world could have injected some extra energy into the narrative. Nevertheless, the talented cast holds your attention throughout. "As We Know It" is a highly enjoyable comedy that treads lightly on the horror elements, making it accessible to a broader audience. It's akin to watching a fantastic skit show like SNL parodying a zombie film, and that's precisely the vibe "As We Know It" exudes. You're likely to walk away with the same feeling.

The dynamics between the three main characters are relatable. As is often the case, the best friend can't stand the ex, but under these unusual circumstances, unique bonds can form. Additionally, small but impactful roles like the neighbor played by Pam Grier add an authentic touch to the overall genre feel of "As We Know It." It's a zombie movie designed for film enthusiasts who might not typically gravitate towards the genre.



is co-written and directed by Josh Monkarsh. Co-written by Brandon DePaolo and Christopher Francis.

Starring: Mike Castle, Oliver Cooper, Taylor Blackwell, with Chris Parnell, and Pam Grier

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