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"Attitude, not batteries included" 'M3GAN' - movie review

Tragedy is a common theme when it comes to horror films and children. Box office hits like HEREDITY showed these measure to the extreme. We must ask what happens to the children who are abandoned by loved ones due to death? These newly crowned orphans need to attach themselves to someone. Someone who will understand , play and kill for. That someone is Gerad Johnstone's and James Wan's M3GAN. While she is being depicted as a "doll" or "toy" M3GAN is an adaptable and capable killing machine. Not since TERMINATOR 2 have we found a reason to truly fear AI. M3GAN reignites that fear.

The James Cameron films circled in my head throughout the watch of M3GAN. Unlike CHUCKY or ANNABELLE, M3GAN works more like a military designed contract killing cyborg. No supernatural chants or evil spirts possessing this monster. So that means it's really a human flaw film. That hits us in two ways watching the feature. First, the story follows Caty (Violet McGraw) who's seems to be an afterthought to her Aunt Gemma (Allison Williams). With deadlines approaching even the death of her sister and now the guardianship off her niece can't keep her centered. So what happens to Cady is what happens to hundreds of thousands of kids everyday. AI becomes their babysitter. Since the invention of the televisions and radios families have used devices to distract their kids. These days there is no difference and the distractions are way cooler. M3GAN is the ultimate distraction.

Secondly the creation of M3GAN is flawed entirely. Why would we want a kid to have one toy for the rest of their life. Codependency runs rampant in today's society so a toy like M3GAN would indeed heighten those numbers. The scariest thing about this film is that it highlights how much we have been disconnected from each other even though we are now able to connect with anyone around the world.

I was hoping the film would be a little more terrorizing but I can see why it was slightly tame. Kids are going to want to see M3GAN and it really can spark a new generation of sci fi horror fans. It won't be in the vain of those other notorious doll creatures. M3GAN sits with TERMINATOR , ROBOCOP, IROBOT, CHOPPING MALL and the like. It filled with laughs and great pacing so it will do well in theaters and the home markets. Make sure you see it!

2.5 / 5

M3GAN is directed Gerard Johnstone and written by James Wan and stars Allison Williams Jenna Davis and Violet McGraw.

It's playing in theaters everywhere!

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