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BIOMECHANIMAL & SENTINEL COMPLEX Unveil New Single ,"Crown Of Glass"

BIOMECHANIMAL and SENTINEL COMPLEX join forces to bring you "Crown of Glass", an intense mashup of sounds and styles, leaving a trail of destroyed genres in their wake. Both acts deliver huge vocal performances and brutal production, pulling from symphonic metal, midtempo, harsh industrial, dubstep, and more. Liberation in Domination!

"Crown of Glass" refers to the ego that we see in ourselves; this fragile symbol of our own strength. The song deals with the negative side of this ego, how it can lead us to view others and ourselves in a distorted way.

Featuring remixes from our good friends MORIS BLAK & DAWN OF ASHES.

Artwork by Midiankai Arts, inspired by piece by Dave Gallagher.

Video by Dark Motions.

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