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#BITS2022 'Curse of Aurore' - movie review

One of the films playing at this years BITS and also available on Amazon Prime is the Mehran C. Torgoley found footage film CURSE OF AURORE. What may be more fascinating than the film it's self is the true story of the Aurore. We know the true accounts of these stories can be horrific but with the right kind of thought some creativeness can also be found. The Torgoley feature utilizes all the good aspects of found footage films while sprinkling in some tidbits that any occult fan would enjoy!

CURSE OF AURORE is a story within a story, a found footage film within a Youtube Podcast? The film opens up with the host of a podcast preparing to show the audience a hard drive that contains the story of our three filmmakers. Lena, Aaron, and Kevin head to Quebec to research and start filming ideas around the horrific legend. As soon as they get to town weird things start to take place inside and outside of the house. Check everything off the list for a your standard FF movie and CURSE really illuminates. AFFLICTION and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY are the films that made it ok to add the campy effects to FF and CURSE continues on that torch. The characters are pretty relatable so the viewer should be able to ease into this watch with no issues. Then the fun begins. Make sure to keep your eyes open from panel to panel as Torgoley takes you for a great ride with CURSE OF AURORE. Most of the things the trio encounter are your run of the mill artifacts but it was nice to see so much fun in the movie. I believe I feel asleep in the middle of the road on my 21st birthday (have to see the film to get that).

I actually enjoyed CURSE OF AURORE and candor of the story. There were plenty of opportunities to piggy back on the local legend but the film didn't. I have to gives kudos because the true story off Aurore is dramatizing. This should do well with fans of FF while those that never gotten into the genre might find a few things to enjoy. Daring effects and an enjoyable cast all wrapped around a truly scary story makes CURSE OF AURORE a very solid found footage film!

2.5 / 5

CURSE OF AUROE is directed by Mehran C. Torgoley and stars Llana Barron, Lex Wilson, Jordan Kaplan, Agathe Salzmann and Casey Nolan.

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