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#BITS2022 'Follow Her' - movie review

Oh social media how much do we despise thee? Let me count the ways! One of the more remarkable aspects of social media is the platform. Here, anyone from the high school stud to the college dud can have a voice. As we often see from our day to day lives it's usually not a good thing. It has also created the culture of the "influencer". You may ask why I have that in quotations well in my own opinion usually the blind lead the blind. So I don't know if there is much "influence" here. In the thriller from Sylvia Caminer FOLLOW HER one these people finally get their due. Not everyone is happy with the Jake Pauls of the world and for our starlet in FOLLOW HER it could lead to something fatal.

FOLLOW HER delivers the story of Jess (Dani Barker, who also wrote the film) a young woman following the social media dream. Though the app she uses focuses on humiliating people on social media and its given her a little fame. While cruising the classified one day she comes across an post that's too good to be true. Things seems to be going pretty well for Jess until one of her viral videos blows up unexpectedly. As tension builds and confusion lingers she may have to choose between being famous or her life. One thing about FOLLOW HER is how hilarious and entertaining the film is. Not only does Dani kill her role but Luke Cook as Tom Brady (jokes everywhere) slays the film. There is a mention of a cat and mouse game in the film and that's really what FOLLOW HER is at the end of the day. It's a relevant thriller for today's phone obsessed society. Could you imagine ONE MISS CALL being around to day? Sheesh. Anyway, FOLLOW HER is a winner and should create a solid fan base with its creative story and deranged conclusion. Honestly we are surprised the release of this film isn't larger because it stacks up against all the big horror flicks out this year.

Films like APP , HOST and now FOLLOW HER are creating a genre within the genre. Usually these films are set up for slashers when they deal with certain uninspiring aspects of our environment. FOLLOWER HER flips the normal survival theory and really turns it on it's head. I love films like these because no one is the good person. Everyone involved has a little love and hate from the audiences. Movies like FOLLOW HER shed light on some many worries involving anonymous play. What uploads to the internet stays on the internet. Are you willing to risk your life to be famous?

3.5 / 5

FOLLOW HER is directed by Sylvia Caminer and stars Dani Barker, Luke Cook, Mark Moses and Eliana Jones.


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