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#BITS2022 'Shifted' - movie review

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

End of the world features usually show the grim side of life in every aspect. The dangers of the outside world sometime barely compare to what happens behind closed doors. Adrian Konstant excels with his manipulative monster flick SHIFTED. The story follows a group of survivors that eventually get knocked off by someone within their ranks. SHIFTED is a refreshing indie zombie film. Surprising aesthetics and straight forward production allowed SHIFTED to be one for the better indie horrors this year.

SHIFTED stars Michael Wurtz as a wanderer who comes across a group of survivors. They already don't trust him and things get worse as bodies in the house start piling up. Unfortunately the killings don't have thing to do with the monsters outside. Kudos to the make up and effects team as they give us a different look then we are used to seeing with the creatures. Most of your normal zombie elements are found in SHIFTED but we felt it was needed to mention the features as they stood out. There is a tad bit if shakiness when it comes to some of the acting but overall they cast was fine. The goal of films like SHIFTED is to show deceit and the entire crew does a fantastic job. Audiences will be delighted at the pace of the film which throws you into the fire from the start.

Konstant reminds us that horror exists in all shapes and forms. Everyone is a suspect when all of our lives are in danger. Overlooking key facts will always lead to the demise of a group no matter how strong they believe they are. There are countless survival video games with premises similar to SHIFTED. We want to shake the idea of humans as monsters but the killer in us all won't allow for it. We we think people will enjoy what's happening between the walls of SHIFTED just as much as the chaos going on outside.

3 / 5

SHIFTED is directed by Adrian Konstant and stars Michael Wurtz, Zach Parsons, Victoria Dunsmore, Derek Lackenbauer and Jenna Gagliardi.

It will be playing at THE BLOOD IN THE SNOW FILM FESTIVAL on November 24th


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