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'Bless the entitled' "New Order" - movie review

How does it feel
When you treat me like you do
And you've laid your hands upon me
And told me who you are?

-"Blue Monday" New Order

While the lyrics may hold special meaning for a fallen friend, the words from the song BLUE MONDAY fit the identity of the band it originates from NEW ORDER. The film from Michel Franco under the same namesake also echoes the dark lyrics and asks the viewer "how do you feel?" As you watch a city cripple under a revolt against the privileged. To the point where an innocent party becomes a nightmare for the guest and host and kickstarts a world of terror.

In all honesty Franco piece is an inceptive headrush but loses you in the second chapter. There was so much brilliance at the start of this film that the true let down is the complexity of how things play out in the end.

There were many hints of post takeover influences but I think the original 28 DAYS LATER may serve best for reference. Franco and the fanatic cast do a great job of reminding the viewers the impact the military can have during turbulent times. Also, how you think those here to help are really behind the hate and angst that's being dealt. Films like THE PURGE come to mind excepted flipped. In NEW ORDER those who aren't rich are now in control and it can make the film very polarizing as you see how shifting power also shifts the mind.

With an easy watch time there is more than enough reasons to give NEW ORDER a viewing. Just be ready for the turn the film takes that may show a reality none of us ever want to see.


NEW ORDER is Written and Directed by: Michel Franco

Starring: Diego Boneta, Naian González Norvind, Samantha Yazareth Anaya, Dario Yazbek Bernal

In theaters now courtesy of NEON

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