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"Bloodthirst": A Thrilling Vampire Saga with Tara Reid and Costas Mandylor Coming Soon

Are you looking to expand your Halloween night watchlist with some thrilling DVD and streaming options? Look no further, because Lionsgate has just what you need. Prepare for an extra violent vampire action experience with "BLOODTHIRST," directed by Michael Su. This film promises a gripping blend of the classic vampire masterpiece "NEAR DARK" and the intensity of a season from "SONS OF ANARCHY."

In "BLOODTHIRST," you'll encounter a group of day-walking vampires, a refreshing twist on the traditional vampire lore. These formidable creatures find themselves in a relentless battle against vigilantes and a ruthless gang of vampire hunters, setting the stage for an all-out war that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Starring acclaimed actors like Costas Mandylor, Tara Reid, and several other familiar faces, "BLOODTHIRST" delivers a blood-soaked and action-packed feature. As previously mentioned, it's set to hit theaters on October 31st, making it the perfect choice for those seeking something a bit less supernatural and a lot more adrenaline-pumping violence. Don't miss out!


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