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CFF2022’ “The Leech” - movie review

There is nothing better than a good holiday horror flick. Usually the more sinister the better. While there will always be naysayers who don’t appreciate the holidays filled with terror, it’s one thing they do love. Home invasion films. I can’t count how many times I hear someone say they hate horror films but love home invasions because they are so “real”. In the new film from Eric Pennycoff THE LEECH we see one man’s kind act create a spiderweb of horror that frankly resembles a home invasion. THE LEECH leaves you speechless making you rethink the whole idea of charity!

THE LEECH a stars Graham skipper a humble priest with a diminished following. The hope is the annual midnight mass will provide what he needs to reestablish the church’s faith. After a day of service he runs into a bum (Jeremy Gardner) who seems to have some unexpected misfortune. Trusting his faith the priest unlocks a tunnel of anguish as he begins to have his life consumed by this stranger and his girlfriend (Taylor Gardner). The film instantly because a whirlwind of deceit and betrayal that also bodes the question “is there something supernatural at play here?”

Your parents always told you to never take in a stray cat and THE LEECH is a stark reminder. I said this was a home invasion film and it is with so much more depth and uncertainty. It’s hard not to be drawn in to each character and how one is pushed to the brink even though clearly they all have their own personal demons. THE LEECH also tells us that our faith may not be strong enough to withstand uninhibited evil. Sometimes it may be best to ask for forgiveness after denying a charitable deed then suffer the consequences for doing so.


THE LEECH is directed by Eric Pennycoff and stars Jeremy Gardner, Graham Skipper

Rigo Garay & Taylor Gardner.

It made its world premiere at the Chattanooga Film Festival and will be released later this year courtesy of Arrow Films.

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