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Creatures of the Night - UNLUCKY 13

Calling all horror fans!! Tune into The Dread Central Podcast Network at midnight on Thursday, October 22nd for the 13th episode of The Boulet Brothers' CREATURES OF THE NIGHT podcast!

"The Boulet Brothers celebrate their unlucky 13th episode with terrifying news updates about upcoming horror releases and the Boulets’ guide to celebrating Halloween at home this year. The team dives into Josh Boone’s “New Mutants” on the episode’s movie review, and in their special Halloween Haunting of History they explore the folklore behind modern day Jack-O-Lanterns."

The Boulet Brothers' 'Creatures of the Night’ features co-host Ian DeVoglaer, and a roster of esteemed special guests from the intersection of queer media and horror, including enigmatic cyber witch and pop singer Poppy, burlesque star Dita Von Teese, actress Rose McGowan, Darren Stein (writer and director of Jawbreaker), and Rachel True (star of The Craft), with the list growing every episode. The Boulet Brothers welcome listeners as they discuss their latest projects, provide behind-the-scenes sneak peaks, review the latest horror movies, and give listeners real life horror history lessons on famous hauntings from the past.

The Boulet Brothers’ ‘Creatures of the Night’ joins Dread Central’s roster of horror programs including The Who Goes There, G.U.T.S, and Real Professional podcasts. For more information on the Dread Central Podcast Network please visit

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