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Darkwave/Industrial Act, VEXILLARY Turns Therapy Into 'Full Frontal Lunacy'

After a string of singles and EPs, darkwave-industrial act, VEXILLARY has unveiled their first full-length album, Full Frontal Lunacy.

A long winter, the Covid-19 pandemic and an endless lockdown provided the perfect backdrop for a sonic self-portrait documenting one’s brush with madness.

After the conceptual, SurViolence EP, VEXILLARY wanted to create a personal record as a form of therapy to examine the darkest parts of his own psyche. The resulting eight tracks that shape the record document the demise of a protagonist from flirting with madness and burnout, all the way to the point of total nervous breakdown and mania.

The record ends on a beautiful note with "Exit the Void". Does the track suggest a new beginning, or is it a celebration of a cruel end? Either way, there is way more than meets the mind in the twisted world of Full Frontal Lunacy.

Full Frontal Lunacy is available on limited edition cassette and digital formats.

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