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"Humane" - movie review

"In Humane, Caitlin Cronenberg presents a demented yet relevant dark comedy that envisions a future reflecting the instant panic felt during the pandemic. The film explores the consequences of global resource depletion due to overpopulation, a familiar but significant theme. The story follows the prestigious York family as their lives unravel on live television and in courtrooms, revealing the imposition of a national quota that alters their dynamics forever.

Peter Gallagher stars as the patriarch, head of the York family, alongside Uni Park as Suzanne, his celebrity wife. Their children, typical of offspring from famous families, range from government-supporting Jared (Jay Baruchel) to the embattled single mother Rachel (played by Emily Hampshire), and Noah (Sebastian Chacon), adopted into privilege but ensnared by addiction. Alanna Bale's Ashley stands out as the family member most concerned for Noah, embodying the consequences of neglect and societal failures.

The film also features the D.O.C.S. team, led by Bob (Enrico Colantoni), who orchestrates the family's passage to their final destination with just the right touch of menace. This blend of dark comedy with an edge reminiscent of 90s family films, coupled with unexpected bloody fun, makes Humane a compelling watch. Despite its brutality, the film maintains a consistent pace and character-driven narrative that feels akin to a holiday homecoming story.

Cronenberg's direction avoids the surreal body horror often associated with her family's work, resulting in a film that is unique yet familiar, bearing the unmistakable Cronenberg imprint. Humane serves as a sleeper hit—a smart, thought-provoking dark comedy that stimulates discussions pertinent to today's societal climate. It's a cunning drama that feels right for the times.

⭐️⭐️⭐️✨/ 5


Director: Caitlin Cronenberg  

Cast: Jay Baruchel, Emily Hampshire, Peter Gallagher

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