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Debut trailer for queer horror film T-BLOCKERS

In a thrilling culmination of its successful festival journey, T-BLOCKERS, directed by Alice Maio Mackay (known for BAD GIRL BOOGEY), is set to hit screens on March 5th. The LGBTQ+ horror film has garnered acclaim at prestigious festivals such as Salem Horror, Outfest, Fantasia, and more.

The plot unfolds in a small Australian town, shaken by an earthquake that awakens ancient parasites thriving on hatred, leading to violent outbursts. A young filmmaker, Sophie, played by Lauren Last, and her friends find themselves entangled in a nightmare, battling against a terrifying evil spreading rapidly.

The ensemble cast, including Lewi Dawson, Joe Romeo, Chris Asimos, Joni Ayton-Kent, Stanley Browning, and Lisa Fanto, delivers a gripping performance in this spine-chilling tale.

Sophie, fueled by her obsession to uncover a long-lost film, becomes the unexpected protagonist as the town grapples with both personal struggles and the unearthed ancient menace. The film takes viewers on a rollercoaster of suspense and horror, exploring themes of dating, undesirable jobs, and the relentless spread of an ancient evil.

Mark your calendars for March 5, 2024, as T-BLOCKERS promises to deliver a unique and thrilling cinematic experience. Distributed by Dark Star Pictures, the film is a collaboration between director Alice Maio Mackay and writer Benjamin Pahl Robinson, offering audiences a gripping narrative with a chilling twist. Don't miss the release of this LGBTQ+ horror gem that transcends genres and captivates from start to finish.


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