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Discover the Epic Thrills of Shudder's Newest Offering: DESTROY ALL NEIGHBORS

In the midst of a lull in the horror news cycle, Shudder has sent shockwaves through the genre with a thrilling announcement. Brace yourselves for the uproarious horror-comedy romp, "Destroy All Neighbors," set to invade your screens on January 19th via the streaming platform Shudder/AMCTV+.

The film stars Jonah Ray Rodrigues, known for his role in MST3K, as the neurotic and self-absorbed musician, William Brown. His quest to finish his prog-rock magnum opus hits a nightmarish roadblock in the form of his loud and rude neighbor, Vlad, played by none other than the talented Alex Winter.

As tensions between William and Vlad escalate, a single mistake sets off a macabre chain reaction, plunging them into a world of bloody undead horror. The film takes a darkly comedic turn as William's accidental reign of terror unfolds, leaving a trail of undead corpses in his wake.

"Destroy All Neighbors" promises a twisted splatter-comedy, offering a deranged journey of self-discovery filled with goopy practical effects, a stellar ensemble cast, and, of course, copious amounts of blood. Directed by Josh Forbes, the film boasts a star-studded lineup, including Kiran Deol, Christian Calloway, Randee Heller, DeMorge Brown, Jon Daly, Phil Hendrie, Ryan Kattner, and Thomas Lennon.

The plot follows William Brown, who, in a desperate attempt to silence his annoying neighbor Vlad, accidentally decapitates him. Little does he know that this gruesome act is just the beginning of a blood-soaked adventure, with undead tormentors and bloody detours aplenty on his quest for prog-rock Valhalla.

Prepare for a wild ride as "Destroy All Neighbors" promises to be a unique addition to Shudder's repertoire, blending humor, horror, and a talented cast in a way that's sure to leave audiences thrilled and entertained. Don't miss the chance to catch this uproarious horror-comedy when it premieres on January 19th, exclusively on Shudder/AMCTV+. Stay tuned for more details, including the unveiling of the film's poster, and get ready for a blood-soaked journey into the twisted mind of director Josh Forbes.

Director: Josh Forbes

Story: Charles Pieper and Mike Benner

Starring: Jonah Ray Rodrigues, Alex Winter, Kiran Deol, Christian Calloway, Randee Heller, DeMorge Brown, Jon Daly, Phil Hendrie, Ryan Kattner, and Thomas Lennon

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