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Electronic Act UNKNOWNDIVIDE Bends Aural Landscapes With 'Existence'

Electronic Artist UNKNOWNDIVIDE has released their new full-length album, Existence.

Existence is the second release from UNKNOWNDIVIDE, continuing the sonic journey of genre-bending ranging from ambient, IDM, and techno. Now, with compelling rhythms and organic voicings, UNKNOWNDIVIDE further defines the aural landscape. A driving beat is not unknown in DRIFTING IN SILENCE. But in contrast, it's a hallmark of the atmosphere.

UNKNOWNDIVIDE's premier offering, Instinct, brings organic sounds and voicings into the electronic realm, creating an innovative landscape of sounds. The contrapuntal harmonies in Existence are evident from the beginning, perfectly placed so that each new listen reassembles the dynamic balance.

UNKNOWNDIVIDE is a side project from Derrick Stembridge known for his longstanding DRIFTING IN SILENCE body of work. Firmly rooted in the ambient music movement, DRIFTING IN SILENCE spans a broad range of territory from atmospheric music.

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