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FANTASTIC FEST 21’ “Masking Threshold” -movie review

To say that the film from Director Johannes Grenzfurthner MASKING THRESHOLD is in your face will be the biggest understatement of the century. From the minute this film starts you are looking through the lens of a man dealing with an excruciating pain that only leads to the inevitable. There are so many series and shows following the lives of insane serial killers but MASKING THRESHOLD stifles them all as you are drilled into the psyche of a madman or victim?

Truly the only downfall of MASKING THRESHOLD is that it will be so difficult for some people to watch that they will never understand the beauty that is being provided for them. Honestly it’s unfair for Johannes and crew to deliver such a poignant approach to their film because there is no escaping the visual displays that weave themselves in with a great narration by Ethan Haslam.

Each decade must have one film that truly disturbs even the most avid horror watcher and MASKING THRESHOLD may just be that film. Kubrick styled visuals mixed in with a BERBERIAN SOUND STUDIO approach encompasses every single thing you would have felt if you were the killer. Yes there’s a lot of high praise going towards this film right now and while the reaction might be pure and emotional it’s hard to deny that you will not be able to turn away from MASKING THRESHOLD if you have the capacity to watch it.

in conclusion I would say MASKING THRESHOLD is the film you want your nerdy, disturbed ,possibly nurse friends to come watch with you.


MASKING THRESHOLD is an Austrian psychological horror film[1] directed by Johannes Grenzfurthner. The film was produced by art group monochrom.

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