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FANTASTIC FEST 21’ “V/H/S 94” - movie review

Film festivals are solidified by the return of franchises. One that many horror fans have been looking for quite some time is the return to the V/H/S franchise. It’s been a while since we've seen this little recorded anthology of terror and like so many other things that have recently went through 80s retrospectives, it’s time for them also to jump into the 90s. Many children of the 90s will remember the infomercials, the white sociopaths neo-Nazis in the woods, and of course good old fashion robotic torture. But I’d be perplex to find anyone that was expecting to see all of this in the latest installment of the film that’s been brought to us by Brad Miska and crew for quite some time. V/H/S 94.

A couple old faces (Simon Barrett) mixed in with some new kids on the block (Chloe Okuno) provide the latest installment to the V/H/S series which lends to a breath of fresh air. Still get ready for the grimy sometimes hard to watch found footage styled cinema that you’ve come to know and love. We will say there was a little bit too much playing on the fact that this film was in the 90s which is the only amount of torture the viewer will have to go through when watching the film. 90's skater deathpunk rock for sure VHS 94 has a myriad of banana crazy tales, cyborgs, the dead coming back to life and of course some type of winged zombie vampire creature. You know they get down.

It's all to love and everything you expect from the V/H/S franchise but there’s really no stamp on what makes this 94. If this film was titled VHS 4 more than likely were getting the same reaction. Why not use a little bit more in regards to what made 1994 , 94? Maybe due to some types of rights they weren't able to exploit but I’m thinking Nickelodeon, Original Samsung gray VHS tapes, NHL 94 on Sega Genesis and of course handheld camera's which is the one thing that they definitely highlight throughout the film. Regardless V/H/S 94 is extremely entertaining as you’re expecting it to be. The Shudder audience will be all over this when it lands!


V/H/S 94' with segments directed by franchise returnees Simon Barrett and Timo Tjahjanto, in addition to newcomers Jennifer Reeder, Ryan Prows and Chloe Okuno.

Following the series' cult origins around film festivals, V/H/S/94 had its world premiere at Fantastic Fest on September 26, 2021, and will also screen at Beyond Fest on October 4, 2021. The film is scheduled to be released as a Shudder Original Film via horror film streaming service Shudder on October 6, 2021.

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