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First look Hulu's "Living For The Dead" Premiering 10/18

Photo Credit: Hulu

When it comes to paranormal groups, we've seen our fair share of ghost hunters and supernatural sleuths. After all, our very own owner and editor, Travis Brown, is a proud member of THE HAUNTED GARAGE, and we've got our finger on the pulse of all things paranormal. Years of collaborating with networks like HMU and Travel have kept us in the loop about the diverse world of paranormal investigation. However, there's always room for a groundbreaking first.

Enter Kristen Stewart and her captivating new show, LIVING FOR THE DEAD, which promises to shine a spotlight on the intersection of the paranormal and the queer community. While we suspect this isn't the first paranormal show featuring LGBTQ+ investigators, it's undoubtedly a fresh and fabulous addition to the genre. With an utterly dazzling cast of paranormal enthusiasts, this team is ready to tackle some of the most haunted spots on the map.

LIVING FOR THE DEAD is set to treat viewers to eight exhilarating episodes in its inaugural season, and the destination for this paranormal journey is none other than HULU. The show comes from the brilliant minds behind "Queer Eye," ensuring a delightful blend of heart, humor, and spine-tingling thrills.

As a sneak peek, take a glimpse of the team standing in front of the world-famous Clown Hotel. This iconic location in Tonopah, Nevada, is home to some of the most sinister hauntings in recorded history. One of the most chilling ghost stories from the haunted Clown Motel involves sightings of a ghostly figure dressed as a clown, often seen wandering the halls in the dead of night. Guests and staff have reported eerie laughter echoing through the empty corridors, attributed to this spectral clown. Witnesses claim to have seen this apparition peering into rooms or standing at the foot of their beds, creating an unsettling and unforgettable experience for those who dare to stay at the Clown Motel.

Executive produced by none other than Kristen Stewart herself, and with a team created by the geniuses behind "Queer Eye," the series introduces us to the fabulous "Ghost Hunties": Alex Le May, Juju Bae, Ken Boggle, Logan Taylor, and Roz Hernandez. Together, they'll embark on a cross-country journey to explore some of the world's most infamous haunted locales. But they're not just hunting ghosts; they're on a mission to heal the living by connecting with the departed.

LIVING FOR THE DEAD promises to illuminate the unseen, share untold stories, and push boundaries in the quest to bring acceptance to both the living and the dead. This is not your ordinary paranormal show; it's a celebration of the extraordinary. Get ready for a supernatural adventure like no other when the series hits HULU on **October 18th**.

Don't miss the chance to join the "Ghost Hunties" as they make history, one ghostly encounter at a time. It's a journey that promises to be both heartwarming and hair-raising. Get ready to embrace the extraordinary with "Living For The Dead." Ghost Hunties, unite!

Cast: Alex Le May, Juju Bae, Ken Boggle, Logan Taylor, Roz Hernandez

Credits David Collins, Michael Williams, Rob Eric, Renata Lombardo, Kristen Stewart, CJ Romero, Elaine White. Narrated by Kristen Stewart.

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Manuel Murphy
Manuel Murphy
Sep 20, 2023

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