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FleischKrieg Annouces Virtual Tour Dates

Industrial dance metal duo FleischKrieg will be headlining Welcome to the New Apocalypse, a three day, five show virtual world tour taking place March 11-13, 2021. The brutalwave duo will be joined by D-Punk (DK-Zero) on bass and Living Dead Drummer, Nick Mason, on percussion.

Direct support for the five shows includes theatrical hard rock group Cryptamnesia and atmospheric industrial solo artist, Nuda. The three virtually touring acts will be pre-recording a live set on March 10 in Tacoma, WA or greater Los Angeles, CA, which will be streamed at five different times over the three day period. Local acts will be streaming pre-recorded sets from their home or virtual studios.Tickets can be purchased on the tour's website.


11 March 2021 @ 7pm PST - North America West Coast Local Act: Rabbit Junk [cyberpunk/digital hardcore] 12 March 2021 @ 7pm CET - Central/Eastern EU Local Act: Megalmodas [aggressive, post wave electronica] 12 March 2021 @ 7pm EST - North America East Coast Local Act: Finite Automata [experimental industrial] 13 March 2021 @ 7pm GMT - Western EU Local Act: Electronic Substance Abuse (ESA) [harsh industrial power electronica] 13 March 2021 @ 7pm MST - North America Mountain Local Act: ManifestiV [experimental industrial]

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