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"For Roger" lands at Grimmfest 2021'

This may be the sneakiest film of 2021, and it also looks quite terrifying. Aaron Bartuska's FOR ROGER has must see written all over it and we have the trailer for you to see just before it's UK premiere!

After receiving word of his partner Clara’s passing, Roger travels to the desolate family cabin where they would often vacation together. As he pours over the home videos recorded during their trips, Roger begins to realize that someone has been watching them from the woods for years.

The goal when crafting For Roger was to make a film that utilizes familiar aspects of the horror genre to grapple with feelings of loss, remorse, and isolation. The film hopes to capture that uncertainty of how one's actions resonate with the people in their life and how those actions can often come back to haunt. By going back through the home videos

that capture a collection of intimate of moments, Roger begins to see his relationship from an unbiased perspective. By wedging a camera between himself and his partner, Roger drove himself further away from Clara, and closer to the dangers of the outside world. We hope that our film makes you think back on the moments when you could have listened closer, tried harder, or reached out more. We also hope it makes you look over your shoulder once or twice. - Aaron Bartuska, the director of For Roger


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