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Found footage flick "The Glenarma Tapes" heads to VOD April 2nd

📽️🌟 New Irish Found Footage Flick "The Glenarma Tapes" to Hit VOD Soon! 🌟📽️

Get ready for a thrilling cinematic experience as Dark Sky prepares to unleash Tony Devlin's latest creation, "The Glenarma Tapes," next month. Reminiscent of classic found footage films, this Irish gem promises pulse-pounding suspense and chilling revelations.

Follow teenager Gordy and his best friend Jimmy as they embark on a seemingly mundane filming project, only to stumble upon a sinister plot involving their teachers during a weekend trip to Glenarma Forest. What starts as a harmless adventure quickly spirals into a fight for survival as they uncover dark secrets lurking in the woods.

Dark Sky Studios treated fans to a brand new trailer this morning, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the eerie atmosphere and gripping storyline of "The Glenarma Tapes." Found footage enthusiasts, mark your calendars!

Accompanied by Gordy's love interest Eleanor and her friend Clare, the group sets off on a journey filled with mystery and danger. As they delve deeper into the forest, they find themselves entangled in a terrifying ordeal involving ritual sacrifice and a relentless pursuit by their own teachers.

Two years later, Detective Todd uncovers footage shedding light on the events of that fateful night. As the truth emerges, lives are changed forever, leading to a shocking revelation that will leave audiences on the edge of their seats.

🎬 Directed by: Tony Devlin

📝 Written by: Tony Devlin & Paul Kennedy

🌟 Starring: Warren McCook, Sophie Hill, Ryan Early, & Emily Lamey

Prepare for an unforgettable cinematic experience with "The Glenarma Tapes," coming soon to VOD on April 2nd.

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