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"Gangster's Kiss" to Premiere in the UK This Summer

"Gangster's Kiss," a new British crime-comedy film, is set for a digital release in the UK on June 24, as announced by Fugitive Films and Pink Flamingo Media Group. Directed by Ray Burdis, the film explores the misadventures of long-time friends Jack and Danny, with Danny's troublemaking ways leading them both into chaotic situations.

The plot thickens when Jack, who has had his fair share of legal troubles, tries to turn his life around by pursuing a career in acting. His efforts seem to pay off when he secures his first major role in a feature film, but the situation spirals out of control when Danny decides to involve them with a notorious criminal family.

The film boasts a notable cast, including Charlie Clapham, John Hannah, Patsy Kensit, Sadie Frost, and Michelle Collins, among others. They play a part in delivering the story that blends comedic elements with crime drama, depicting the challenges Jack faces as he realizes he's in over his head.

"Gangster's Kiss" aims to offer a mix of humor and suspense, set against the backdrop of London's underworld. With its summer release, the film will test its appeal to audiences looking for entertainment that combines crime with comedy.

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