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Grimmfest Xmas Horror Nights 'A feature worth dying for' "Red Screening' - movie review

Late night theaters have always had a home not just here in the states but across the globe. The Italians and the French were really the catalysts to create features you would see post midnight with giallo and sexual exploitation films. There have been many throwback films to the 80's and 90's as of late so how refreshing was it to see a film with an essence of a time once forgotten. RED SCREENING is a current reminder that even the worlds we enjoy dearly can come with dire consequences if someone there isn't apart of the equation. Sick, twisted and filled with nostalgia RED SCREENING "is" the late night film to see of 2020.

Maximiliano Contenti feature also known as Al morir la matinée follows a night like no other at a local opera styled theater. A young lady sends her sick an over worked dad home for the night and of course the usual suspects of the theater are there. Things seem to be going smoothly until bodies start piling up due to a mysterious hooded figure with a passion for killing and olives? There are so man nods to the dark theater experience located in the film that the killings are just an icing on the cake to what's already being presented. RED SCREENING reminds the viewers of pure evil that exists when you take the risk of doing something not in your best judgement.

We think fans will really enjoy RED SCREENING to a point where it may provoke them to go watch films from this era. Leave it to a filmmaker from Uruguay to drop us back into a time period of sleeve and gore right in the theme of some of the most popular films of the year. Al morir la matinée will stand alone as a throwback more to a culture than idea and that's ever the more reason to watch this mayhem filled journey.


RED SCREENING is directed by Maximiliano Contenti and stars Luciana Grasso, Ricardo Islas and Julieta Spinelli

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