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#GRIMMFEST2022 'Do Not Disturb' - movie review

There are destination cities all over the world but few hold a candle to the lure of Miami. Normally party drugs have their own dictatorship in cities such as this, so when hearing it is party story it makes sense. Also if you aren't familiar with the "Florida Man" theory or "bath salts" guys then you don't know the sunshine state. In the bedlam induced horror flick from John Ainslie DO NOT DISTURB we get a pot of horror and dark comedy Jambalaya. Picture the film RAW meeting up with THE HANGOVER and you will understand the vibe of DO NOT DISTURB.

In the film we find a young couple(Kimberly Laferriere, Rogan Christopher) who recently lost a child looking to distract themselves with a little getaway. They mix it up with two swingers and after finding out they aren't having the best time they run into a guy high off of something. The two decide to do the drugs themselves and that's when the fun comes in. One of the reasons the film reminded me of THE HANGOVER has to do with the movement of the scenes. Very smart and very crafty. Don't look at your phone while watching DO NOT DISTURB as you too will be looking up asking what day is it. When we get the horror related angle of the film it's a punch to the guts. Kimberly Laferriere really excels during those parts as you follow an up and down slope dealing with her character. She is brilliant in DO NOT DISTURB and so is the decimation we get to witness in this hidden little gem. The film is such a rush which is so captivating when they barely leave the hotel room. You talk about working with what you have and DO NOT DISTURB is a big part of that.

There will be so many films to see this Halloween season so it's likely DND will be missed. But hopefully reviews like this will break the third wall and find a great audience in the midst. Its hard not have a smile on the ending credits of DO NOT DISTURB as it's the ending you hope it to be. Stunning work by Laferriere and Christopher along with a very well written and devious story by Ainslie makes DO NOT DISTURB a standout film.


DO NOT DISTURB is directed by John Ainslie

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