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#Grimmfest2022 'The Goldsmith' - movie review

I think we will come to a place in our lives where movies will remind us to not take old people for granted. Just because your grandma has issues completing her morning aerobics class it doesn't mean everyone is helpless. In the Italian horror film from Vincenzo Ricchiuto THE GOLDSMITH or L'orafo we follow a group of bank robbers on the worst job ever. Filled with surprises and sprinkles of dark comedy THE GOLDSMITH is a shocking misdirection that has a touch of DON'T BREATHE meets THE LADYKILLERS with a taste of PANIC ROOM vibe all over.

The story follows a group of three lifelong friends who get a tip about an old house, a lab of gold and the old people who live there. Thinking it will be an easy job the three rush to the caper only to find the owners of the house aren't as helpless as they may seem. Real talk they are f**king insane. I don't know what's going on with the old people killing people train but we are here for it. It does take a moment for the carnage to pick up but when it does it's pretty fulfilling for the duration of the film. Honestly the film is very close to DON'T BREATHE which wanted me to get into the story a little more but there was too much similarities between the films. Still it's good to see a new Italian slasher as I have been a fan of them since the early giallo films. Now there is a weird goal of our main villains in the film but for the life of me I still don't know what they were trying to accomplish but at least it looked cool.

THE GOLDSMITH won't blow you away but its actually pretty solid all the way through. The story is pretty easy to follow and all questions get answered so you aren't left guessing anything. The gore is very HOSTEL friendly so we are sure most viewers will get a kick out of that. THE GOLDSMITH adds itself to the list of creepy ass old people doing creepy ass sh** and there is nothing wrong with that.

2.5 / 5

THE GOLDSMITH is directed Vincenzo Ricchiuto and stars Tania Bambaci, Stefania Casini, Mike Cimini, Gianluca Vannucci, Stefano Fregni and Giuseppe Pambieri.

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