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"Gutter Space Funk Horror" Fried Barry - movie review GRIMMFEST 2020'

So to truly understand the awesomeness of FRIED BARRY one does not have to be "on drugs". So tell the housewives to only bring out the edibles if they really want to get freaky with the feature from Ryan Kruger. While it's more of a sci fi extravaganza then a horror BARRY does answer one question. What happens if an alien takes over a low life piece of sh** human? Well get ready because as you imagined it won't be pretty but it will be down right incredible!

Gary Green is Barry. A run of the mill South African white trash degenerate. So of course when he gets abducted by an alien who would notice? Especially if the alien is using Barry as a human video game. Eating and f**king his way around with everyone clueless to the renewed energy of BARRY. By the time you stop laughing at the madness of the journey you too will feel FRIED.

Kruger revs up the avant garde in BARRY better than most titles up to now using the psychedelic narratives for a primal effect. When we look back at films like this and MANDY for example FRIED BARRY will standout as a highlight of the genre by adding a true comic appeal to the film. BARRY will feel long after the first hour but time will fly buy watching all the insane antics developing in front of you.

Viewers can't go wrong when seeing FRIED BARRY and I can't wait to see the reaction of the masses when it hits the home market (this is going to explode on Netflix). Kruger knows how to snatch his audience with a unique perspective on a timeless sci fi tale. FRIED BARRY funks up the alien abduction sub genre like never before!

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