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"History of Evil" movie review

📺 Shudder's Spring Lineup Unveils Gripping "HISTORY OF EVIL"

As Shudder announces its spring titles, one standout is Bo Mirhosseni's "HISTORY OF EVIL." Set to be a memorable horror film of 2024, it navigates a society where fear molds itself into a new, unsettling form. Echoing themes seen in "GET OUT," the film explores a future society that fails to learn from the past, incorporating a layer of residual haunting.

Following a woman leading a resistance against the government, the film unfolds as a political thriller and supernatural phenomenon. The family's refuge in a haunted safe house adds complexity, as fear and hatred consume them from both internal and external forces.

While "HISTORY OF EVIL" showcases intelligence scene by scene, it occasionally stumbles into Stephen King tropes, diverting from its gritty essence. Nevertheless, the film excels in weaving between past, present, and a reality threatened by time, offering a unique perspective.

This Bo Mirhosseni creation, though not without hiccups, is poised to gain traction on Shudder. Its intelligence might fly over some heads, but for those who catch on, layers of dread, cruelty, and passion await. A timely film, "HISTORY OF EVIL" earns a solid 3.5/5, providing a thought-provoking journey into contemporary fears.


📝 Writer & Director: Bo Mirhosseni

🌟 Cast: Paul Wesley, Jackie Cruz, Murphee Bloom, Rhonda Johnsson Dents

📅 Premieres on Shudder: February 23rd

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