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In Chasms Deep The Wind And Her Lament

USA one-man black metal act IN CHASMS DEEP has announced the release of the new full-length album, The Wind And Her Lament.

The Wind and Her Lament mixes the black metal style of previous releases with post-metal riffing, melodic instrumental sections, and other metal genres. The Wind and Her Lament is a loose concept album, with the four main tracks all correlating to a different element (Air, Earth, Fire, and Water).

The Wind And Her Lament is available on CD and digital formats now.  Limited edition LP due out in November.  


IN CHASMS DEEP is a one-man black metal project from the U.S. The band has evolved several times since its formation in 2011, but has always remained rooted in black metal.

The debut release, 2013's Catacombs EP is a concept release about witchcraft, Paris, underground burial chambers, and the living dead.  2014's Symphony of Horror is the debut full-length of IN CHASMS DEEP.  A concept album of sorts, every song is centered around horror in one way or another; monsters, ghost stories, murders, etc...

As The Wicked Burn Below came in 2017 and is the 3rd release from IN CHASMS DEEP. The album's topic entered around what Dante considered 4 of the greatest sins: Lust, Greed, Anger, and Violence.

2018 brought The Realm Between : a concept album about a giant procession of spirits who travel in a huge cavalcade throughout the Middle Ages. A young witch who can see the dead leaves her home, joins the spirits on their endless march towards the other side and eventually becomes one with the ghosts herself. The Realm Between was recorded during the months of March, April, and May.

The latest album, The Wind And Her Lament combines melodic black metal, with post-metal influences and atmospheric passages.

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