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"Invaders from Proxima B: A Hilarious Blend of Sci-Fi and Comedy Coming to Screens May 31st"

Buffalo 8 Brings "Invaders from Proxima B" to North American Audiences via Fandango at Home

Buffalo 8, a prominent film distribution company, is gearing up for an exciting start to the summer with the North American Video on Demand (VOD) release of "Invaders from Proxima B." This family-friendly science fiction comedy, written, directed, and starring Ward Roberts (known for his work on "Westworld" and "Agents of SHIELD"), along with Samantha Sloyan (featured in "The Haunting of Hill House" and "Midnight Mass"), will exclusively debut on Fandango at Home on May 31, 2024.

"Invaders from Proxima B" marks Roberts' directorial effort based on his original screenplay. Produced under Roberts' DrexelBox Films banner in collaboration with Mike C. Nelson, the film made its impressive world premiere at the renowned Austin Film Festival. The ensemble cast includes Roberts and Sloyan in leading roles, along with Mike C. Nelson ("Shrinking," "Black-ish"), Richard Riehle ("Office Space," "Casino"), Jeremiah Birkett ("Black Cake," "Euphoria"), and Sarah Lassez ("Nowhere," "Lo").

The film's narrative revolves around the Jenkins family, played by Roberts and Sloyan, whose lives take an unexpected turn when they encounter Chuck, a wisecracking alien (portrayed by Roberts), after a crash landing in their backyard. Together with their newfound extraterrestrial ally, the Jenkins family must confront a motley crew of eccentric pursuers in a thrilling adventure.


"Invaders from Proxima B" promises a delightful blend of humor, imagination, and family-friendly sci-fi escapades. With Roberts at the helm, the film presents a refreshing take on the classic alien encounter trope, injecting it with charm and wit.

Buffalo 8's decision to release the film exclusively on Fandango at Home underscores the growing trend of digital distribution, offering audiences across North America convenient access to this entertaining cinematic experience from the comfort of their homes.

As the summer season approaches, "Invaders from Proxima B" offers an engaging option for movie enthusiasts of all ages, promising an enjoyable ride through the cosmos filled with laughter and excitement. Mark your calendars for May 31, 2024, and prepare to embark on this interstellar adventure with the Jenkins family and their quirky extraterrestrial companion.

For more information and to secure your virtual ticket, visit Fandango at Home starting May 31st to join in the fun of "Invaders from Proxima B."

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