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‘It rubs the honey on the skin’ “Royal Jelly” - movie review

Ever so often you find a movie that you have no idea the type of path it will have you on when it’s finished. Every kid wants to be something when they grow up but I’m sure most of your friends never told you they wanted to be a beekeeper. In Sam Riley‘s ROYAL JELLY we find a young woman who not only has an obsession with bees but she also has an obsession with the culture and foundation created behind what makes the queen of the hive. Unfortunately for our young starlet not only does she get a true taste of what it’s like to be surrounded by drones she also finds how horrific the human body mind and spirit can be.

ROYAL JELLY stars Elizabeth McCoy as Aster who is your typical nerdy little outcast in high school with no friends and no hope of finding love. One thing that makes Aster happy is her love for bees. Its something she picked up from her mother and it keeps them connected now that she’s gone.

When a mysterious stranger shows up and be friends Aster the viewers are taken into a world that they could never imagine as we o see how deep her obsession for the bees can be.

Riley does a good job of creating this bond between Aster and this mysterious stranger even though it’s under the weirdest circumstances. So outside of some of the fantasy that’s involved in the film they do a fantastic job of character portrayal, strengthening of the story as it continues so you’re never really lost.

Anytime you get a chance to see very well done feminine driven horror you should definitely take a glance. The women in this feature do a fantastic job on both sides really carrying the entire course of ROYAL JELLY and it really adds to the whole premise around the queen in this feature.

We would say check out ROYAL JELLY for sure if you are fans or films like JUG FACE. That’s a better interpretation of what you can expect from a film like ROYAL JELLY with a very nice Gothic undertone that goes with it too and it correlates with the landscape so definitely check it out if you get a chance to.


Elizabeth McCoy, Sherry Lattanzi, and Fiona McQuinn star in a Sam Riley film #ROYALJELLY, releasing September 14 from Uncork’d Entertainment.

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