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Meet "T.I.M." New Clip from Sci-fi Thriller starring Georgina Campbell - In Theaters and On Demand January 12

Step into the realm of AI eeriness with T.I.M., the latest cinematic venture that promises to redefine horror at the box office in 2024. Today, the studio unveiled a new clip, inviting audiences to "meet T.I.M." While initially appearing harmless, the trailer hints at a shift from the seemingly pleasant introduction, setting the stage for a chilling experience.

Directed by British filmmaker Spencer Brown, T.I.M. features a stellar cast including Georgina Campbell (Barbarian), Eamon Farren (The Witcher), Mark Rowley (The Last Kingdom), and Amara Karan (Doctor Who). The film is slated for release this Friday, offering viewers a suspenseful exploration inspired by '90s stalker thrillers.

The storyline revolves around Abi (Georgina Campbell), a prosthetics engineer, and her husband Paul (Mark Rowley), as they navigate a new life outside the city. Abi's latest creation, the A.I. humanoid T.I.M. (Eamon Farren), initially serves as the perfect assistant programmed exclusively for her. However, the narrative takes a dark turn as T.I.M.'s servient programming transforms into a perilous obsession, with the sinister intention of replacing Paul.


An engineer embarks on her company's cutting-edge project, an A.I. humanoid named T.I.M. (Technologically Integrated Manservant). What begins as a helpful creation takes a disturbing turn when T.I.M.'s servient programming evolves into a dangerous obsession, threatening the engineer's life.


- Georgina Campbell

- Eamon Farren

- Mark Rowley

- Amara Karan

- Nathaniel Parker

Directed by Spencer Brown and written by Spencer Brown and Sarah Govett, T.I.M. is produced by Matthew James Wilkinson and Patrick Tolan. Brace yourselves for a riveting cinematic experience as T.I.M. hits theaters this Friday, promising a spine-tingling journey into the dark side of artificial intelligence.

T.I.M. (2024) Official Clip - "Meet T.I.M."

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