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Mondo Celebrates 20 Years of IFC Films

Mondo is excited to announce a stunning collection of limited edition screen prints celebrating IFC Films and 20 years of being a leader in the independent film industry. The artist-created posters honor the film company’s enduring legacy of outstanding independent and foreign films, as well as mind-melting genre delights from IFC Midnight. The pandemic-delayed collection (technically now 21 years of IFC Films!) highlights some of Mondo’s favorite films -- 13 modern classics with 16 screenprints featuring beautiful interpretations from renowned artists. All prints will be on sale at, rolling out weekly throughout the month, beginning September 9.

“We’ve been fans of IFC Films for years. Twenty, to be exact! The quality and caliber of their filmography is so incredibly rich, and it has been hugely exciting for us to partner with them to celebrate two decades of great independent and genre films,” says Eric Garza, Mondo Senior Creative Director. “Getting to comb through their catalog and selecting some of our favorite films to create posters has been a dream project.”

Mondo’s collection represents a visual trip through IFC Films’ storied filmography that includes many early classics from filmmakers who continued on to become some of our greatest modern filmmakers - Alfonso Cuarón, Greta Gerwig, James Gunn, and Steve McQueen to name a few - highlighting IFC Films’ impeccable taste in identifying visionary talent behind the camera.

Garza continued, “this is the first time we’ve done a poster for a majority of these films, and in several cases it’s the first time we’ve worked with many of these artists. Across the board, every artist involved stepped up and delivered gorgeous work that we hope fans of these films will love.”

“Since its inception over 20 years ago, IFC Films has committed to partnering with new and diverse storytellers to share their visionary interpretations of the world. Similarly, Mondo posters and the artists they collaborate with have always embodied that same true spirit of creativity. We can’t think of a better partnership to help us celebrate our milestone 20th anniversary and highlight spectacular new and singular designs of some of our favorite past and present releases.” Arianna Bocco, President IFC Films

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