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NEW CLIP- SQUEAL- Theatrically (NY/LA) and on VOD August 19 (US & Canada)

Check out the new clip from the hilarious dark comedy from Aik Karapetian SQUEAL. Also look for our review very soon!

Filmmaker Aik Karapetian's dark fairy tale SQUEAL centers on Samuel (Kevin Janssens), who is far from home, searching for his father. Lost in remotest Eastern Europe, on the edges of a mythical forest, a minor road accident leads to a chance meeting with a pig-farmer’s daughter Kirke (Laura Siliņa). Sam soon learns that his priorities must change if he wants to survive. Her initial hospitality is a smoke screen to capture him and make him a forced laborer on the farm. Alone, unable to speak the language, and chained up 24/7 with the pigs, he learns to adapt. Fortunately, a seemingly magical piglet gains Sam’s confidence and shows him the way to freedom and true love.

Squeal | Clip - Far Away From Here:

SQUEAL will be released in the US Theatrically in New York and Los Angeles (with more cities TBC) and on VOD in the US and CANADA on August 19.

Theaters Include (August 19): Lumiere Music Hall - Los Angeles Alamo Manhattan- New York

VOD Platforms Include (August 19): US: Apple TV/iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Vudu, XFinity Cable, and more. Canada: Apple TV/iTunes, Amazon, Google Play

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