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"Mind Body Spirit" takes Audience Award at UFF7

The Unnamed Footage Festival is in the books and they have announced the winners of their various categories. Grabbing the Audience Award is one of our favorites so far of the year "Mind Body Spirit" and the short film selection goes to "Turtle?". Some other favorites that have hit our radars in their list are films such as "Livescreamers", "#Blue_Whale" and more. Take a glance at all the winners and we will see you at UFF8 next year.

Audience Awards

Best Feature: Mind Body Spirit

Best Short: Turtle?

Jury Awards

Best Editing: Livescreamers

Best Director: Dutch Marich (Horror in the High Desert 3: Firewatch)

Best Cinematography: #Blue_Whale

Best Ensemble Cast: Flesh Games

Best Feature: Horror In The High Desert 3

Best Short: Beholder

Founder's Award

Every year the UFF organizers like to highlight a film or director whose project resonated with us on a personal level. This year, we've decided to give the founder's award to It Doesn't Get Any Better Than This, a film that exemplifies how the in-world camera format can create an emotionally charged and authentic story, in a way traditional narrative cannot.

Congratulations to all the winners, and to everyone who contributed. This year saw the highest average audience scores of any UFF alongside a particularly heated jury debate in deciding the winners. 

We'd also like to offer an equally massive thank you to everyone who was able to attend the festival. The Unnamed Footage Festival wouldn't exist if not for all of your passion and contribution.

Keep an eye out for our winners and all of this year's films as they make their way to your favorite streaming sites. 

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