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Shudder's psychological thriller "Haze" to premiere at NewFest

Shudder has just announced that Matthew Fifer's new film "Haze" will be featured at NewFest, a hybrid film festival running from May 30th to June 3rd. The movie follows a journalist who returns home to investigate some unsolved deaths at a psychiatric center, uncovering new mysteries involving a new romantic interest and family secrets in his hometown. "Haze" stars Cole Doman (known for "MUTT"), Brian J. Smith (from "SENSE8"), David Pittu (featured in "HALSTON"), and Annie Golden (famous for "ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK"). Stay tuned for the streaming release date on Shudder, which should be announced soon.

Haze World premiere is scheduled for May 31st at @9:30pm. Tickets can be purchased here:

Shudder, AMC Networks’ premium streaming service for horror, thriller and the supernatural announced today that HAZE (formerly known as TREATMENT), the highly anticipated psychological thriller from Matthew Fifer (CICADA), will make its world premiere at New York’s LGBTQ Film Festival, NewFest. The Shudder Original is set for an exclusive streaming premiere on the service this Fall 2024.


“When so much of the industry is playing it safe, Shudder continues to be fearless in exploring niche genres and empowering queer filmmakers -- I’m lucky to be working with them and honored to have this film make its world premiere at NewFest,” said Fifer. “HAZE is inspired by the horror films I grew up watching with my grandmother. It was made with a small but fierce crew of collaborators, working with limited resources and a lot of love.”


A young journalist (Cole Doman) returns home to investigate the unsolved deaths at an abandoned psychiatric center. As he dances with the shadows of his past and a mysterious new man in his life, his family history and the town's secrets begin to converge in this evocative psychological thriller.


Written and directed by Fifer, HAZE is produced by Jeffrey Winter, Ramfis Myrthil, Stephen Israel, Drew Sklar, and stars Cole Doman (MUTT), Brian J. Smith (SENSE8), David Pittu (HALSTON), and Annie Golden (ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK).


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