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"Hatchet" collection kicks off Dark Sky Selects

Dark Sky Films Launches Dark Sky Selects: A New Specialty Label for Horror Collectors

Dark Sky Films has unveiled its latest venture with the launch of "Dark Sky Selects," a specialty label aimed at providing the ultimate collector's experience for horror aficionados. This exciting new label will curate and enhance select titles from their extensive catalog, offering restored transfers, limited edition packaging, and new special features.

The inaugural release under Dark Sky Selects will be the highly anticipated "Hatchet: The Complete Collection Limited Edition Steelbook," featuring all four films from Adam Green's iconic "Hatchet" series. This exclusive steel book collection will be available for pre-order starting tomorrow at Texas Frightmare Weekend, with a scheduled release in June.

The "Hatchet" series, known for its relentless terror and the creation of the modern bogeyman Victor Crowley, will be presented in a 5-disc Blu-ray set packed with nearly two hours of new bonus content. Die-hard fans can expect exclusive bonus features like "Hatchet: Swamp Tales" and "Production Journals," available only with this limited edition set.

According to Dark Sky Films, "Hatchet: The Complete Collection" is just the beginning of what's to come from Dark Sky Selects. Throughout the year, expect more iconic titles and merchandise to be announced, available exclusively through

With a rich history spanning almost 50 years in the genre cinema realm, MPI Home Video, the parent company of Dark Sky Films, has been a pioneer in bringing cult classics like "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" and "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer" to home video. The launch of Dark Sky Selects is a testament to their commitment to providing exceptional genre films to dedicated collectors.

For horror enthusiasts eager to delve into this new era of collector-driven releases, Dark Sky Films invites fans to stay updated by signing up for their newsletter at and visiting their booth at Texas Frightmare Weekend for exclusive details on upcoming releases and more about the Dark Sky Selects label. Get ready to expand your horror collection with Dark Sky Selects!

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