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Emily Gotto Promoted to SVP of Acquisitions and Production for Shudder at AMC Networks"

AMC Networks has announced the promotion of Emily Gotto to Senior Vice President of Acquisitions and Production at Shudder, their premium streaming service specializing in horror, thrillers, and the supernatural. Operating out of the UK, Gotto will oversee film acquisitions and production for Shudder Original films and co-productions, under the leadership of Scott Shooman, Head of AMC Networks’ Film Group.

Scott Shooman commended Gotto's significant contributions to the Shudder brand, noting her pivotal role in attracting top talent in the genre and her commitment to innovative and resonant storytelling. "Emily has a filmmaker-first mentality and is adept at delivering something unexpected that resonates deeply with Shudder’s dedicated audience," said Shooman. He expressed enthusiasm about continuing their collaboration to bring premier horror content to the platform.

Reflecting on her career, Gotto shared her excitement about her role and the opportunity to work with a diverse range of esteemed colleagues and storytellers. "It's an honor to contribute to the growth of Shudder, IFC, and RLJE, bringing exceptional horror films to both the big and small screens," she stated. Gotto emphasized the dynamic nature of her work and her eagerness to keep propelling Shudder's evolution during a thrilling period for the horror genre.

Gotto’s tenure at Shudder has been marked by notable successes, including the acquisition and production of influential films such as "Late Night with the Devil," which set records at the box office before becoming the most-watched film on the streaming service. Her portfolio also includes acclaimed works like Demian Rugna’s "When Evil Lurks," Kyle Edward Ball’s "Skinamarink," Damien McCarthy's SXSW Audience Award-winning "Oddity," and Sébastien Vanicek’s "Infested." Over the years, Gotto has collaborated with renowned directors such as Issa Lopez, Chloe Okuno, Flying Lotus, and David Bruckner, among others, continuing to enhance Shudder’s reputation as a leader in genre filmmaking.

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