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"Wild Eyed and Wicked" Trailer Released for Upcoming North American Digital Debut

Gravitas Ventures is gearing up for the North American TVOD/Digital release of filmmaker G.S. Foxwood's feature film debut, "Wild Eyed and Wicked," slated for June 11, 2024. The movie, which blends fantasy, horror, and familial drama, promises to deliver a gripping and emotionally charged experience to audiences.

Starring Molly Kunz, Michael X. Sommers, Stefanie Estes, and Colleen Camp, "Wild Eyed and Wicked" centers around Lily Pierce (Kunz), who embarks on a quest to confront a generational family demon. Lily's journey requires her to reconcile with her estranged father, Gregory (Sommers), a fallen history professor, and tap into a mythical past of knights and monsters.

The film's unique narrative draws from personal experiences, as writer/director G.S. Foxwood explores themes of trauma and mental health. Set against the backdrop of a family farm near Philadelphia—Foxwood's own childhood home—the movie unfolds as Lily confronts her haunting past and battles her inner demons.

"We're thrilled to unveil the trailer for 'Wild Eyed and Wicked,'" remarked Foxwood, whose compelling storytelling earned recognition at festivals like Dances with Films NYC and Austin Film Festival, where the movie secured the Dark Matters Audience Award. Foxwood's creative vision earned a spot on Moviemaker Magazine's prestigious "25 Screenwriters to Watch" list for 2024.

In "Wild Eyed and Wicked," Kunz portrays Lily Pierce, embodying a modern-day knight determined to conquer her fears and uncover family secrets. Supported by an ensemble cast including Stefanie Estes and Colleen Camp, the film promises a captivating exploration of identity and resilience.

Produced by Big Bad Film's Powell Robinson and Patrick R Young, "Wild Eyed and Wicked" promises to captivate audiences with its blend of fantasy and psychological depth. As Lily embarks on her transformative journey, viewers can anticipate a spellbinding tale of courage and redemption.

Stay tuned for further updates on the worldwide release of "Wild Eyed and Wicked" as Gravitas Ventures prepares to bring this riveting cinematic experience to screens across North America.

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